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Angular Training

Angular 2 Fundamentals


Angular (commonly referred to as "Angular 2+" or "Angular v2 and above") is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS.


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to TypeScript
    • Types, Functions, Lambdas
    • Classes, Interfaces, Decorators, Modules
  • Component-Based Development
    • Develop custom components
    • Component Tree
    • Advanced Components
  • Directives and Pipes
    • Attributes directives and Structural directives
    • Pipes
  • Building blocks
    • Immutable.js
    • Observables
    • Dependency Injection
  • Routing
  • Forms
  • REST and State Management
  • Migrating from Angular 1.x to Angular 2
  • Migrating from Angular 2.x to Angular x.x
  • Testing JS
  • Testing tools and frameworks
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Test-Driven Development Con't
    • Practical TDD with JavaScript
  • Unit VS E2E Testing
  • Unit Testing
    •  Unit Testing Con't
    • 1Jasmine
    • Jasmine Con't
    • Example
    • Jasmine Built-in Matchers
    • Jasmine Custom Matchers
    • A few useful global functions
    • Karma
    • Karma Con't
    • x and f
    • Unit Testing in Angular
    • Test it first
    • Make it run
    •  Make it better
    • Testing Components
  • Testing
    • Protractor
    • Protractor Global Functions
    • Protractor Show
    • With Angular
  • Debugging, API helpers, Practices

21 hours


Learn MEAN Solution Stack


MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (or Angular), and Node.js) is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications.

Because all components of the MEAN stack support programs are written in JavaScript, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments.

Though often compared directly to other popular web development stacks such as the LAMP stack, the components of the MEAN stack are higher-level including a web application presentation layer and not including an operating system layer.

MEAN Stack is highly beneficial for the growth of JavaScript developers as it supports the whole client to server code to be in JavaScript language. The open-source benefit and versatility of the Mean stack make it convenient to learn and alter the applications to gratify one’s demands.


  • Introduction
  • Software components
    • 1.1MongoDB
    • 1.2Express.js
    • 1.3Angular and alternatives
    • 1.4Node.js

14 hours


Fundamentals of AngularJS


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in rich Internet applications.

AngularJS is used as the frontend of the MEAN stack, consisting of MongoDB database, Express.js web application server framework, Angular.js itself, and Node.js server runtime environment. Version 1.8.x is on Long Term Support until December 31st, 2021. After that date Google will no longer update AngularJS and Angular (2.0+) is suggested instead.


  • Overview
  • Scope
  • Bootstrap
  • Two-way data binding
  • Development history
    • Legacy browser support
    • Angular and AngularDart
    • Angular Universal
  • Libraries
    • AngularJS Material
  • Chrome extension

21 hours


Is learning Angular hard?

In the field of Angular learning from a live instructor-led and hand-on training courses would make a big difference as compared with watching a video learning materials. Participants must maintain focus and interact with the trainer for questions and concerns. In Qwikcourse, trainers and participants uses DaDesktop , a cloud desktop environment designed for instructors and students who wish to carry out interactive, hands-on training from distant physical locations.

Is Angular a good field?

For now, there are tremendous work opportunities for various IT fields. Most of the courses in Angular is a great source of IT learning with hands-on training and experience which could be a great contribution to your portfolio.

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