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What is Android SDK?

The Android Software Developer Kit is what you used to develop Android applications. The SDK includes a plugin for use with the Eclipse IDE, as well as command-line tools that can be invoked via an Ant build script. Most developers seem to prefer GUI tools. However, this makes it difficult to choose a different IDE or text editor. Also, complex builds require the execution of custom scripts at build time, and only the command line offers the flexibility to cope with this.

Android apps do not have to be written entirely in Java. It is possible to include C/C++ code and compile it with the Native Development Kit (NDK). This code then interfaces with the Java code through the Java Native Interface (JNI), of which the Dalvik virtual machine includes a (mostly) complete implementation.


  • The difference between a GUI and a command line
  • Native Code
    • Better JNI glue
  • Logging
  • GCC Extensions
  • Setting up Android development in Ubuntu
  • Setting up Android development

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