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What is Introduction to Android?

Android's market penetration has extended through Android handset and tablet makers, some do also manufacture other consumer goods.

The most widespread flavors of Android are distributed in binary form in numerous smart-phones and tablet computers of companies that are members of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), founded by Google, and which keeps tight control over 'first-launch' presentation of the operating system and additional software that is required for inclusion.

Because of Google's widespread services ecosystem that includes Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google properties, a hardware manufacturer intending to ship its devices with the Android operating system usually cannot avoid the inclusion of built-in Google apps (part of Google Mobile Services) in order to successfully entice prospective buyers to purchase the device. Although Google apps can be separately installed by the user, it may be challenging to the average consumer (most people), who might then seek a competing device that does have the Google apps already installed.

Android trademarks and Google Mobile Services software can only be licensed by hardware manufacturers (OEMs) for devices that meet Google's compatibility standards contained within the Android Compatibility Definition Document. Following that path may also require that the manufacturer be a member of the OHA. Per OHA's rules, the inclusion of Google Mobile Services is then mandatory, and the software bundle must be licensed from Google.


  • Android speculations
  • Android varieties
    • Stock Android
    • Forks based on AOSP
    • Community forks

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