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What is Android PhotoFilters SDK?

PhotoFiltersSDK aims to provide fast, powerful and flexible image processing instrument for creating awesome effects on any image media. Library supports OS on API 15 and above.


PhotoFiltersSDK processes filter on any Image within fraction of second since processing logic is in NDK. At present following image filters are included:

  • ToneCurveSubfilter : With this powerful filter you can change RGB channels of any image to create great results.
  • SaturationSubfitler : Used for changing color saturation of an image.
  • ColorOverlaySubfilter : As name suggests you can overlay any image with color of your choice.
  • ContrastSubfilter : Used for changing contrast value of image.
  • BrightnessSubfilter : To change brightness levels.
  • VignetteSubfilter : To apply vignette effect on image. Library also comes with inbuilt Sample Filters (Refer Implementation is straightforward: Filter fooFilter = SampleFilters.getBlueMessFilter(); Bitmap outputImage = fooFilter.processFilter(inputImage);

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