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What is Android Application Testing?

a process by which application software developed for handheld mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability, and consistency.[1] Mobile application testing can be an automated or manual type of testing. Mobile applications either come pre-installed or can be installed from mobile software distribution platforms. Global mobile app revenues totaled 69.7 billion USD in 2015, and are predicted to account for US$188.9 billion by 2020.

Bluetooth, GPS, sensors, and Wi-Fi are some of the core technologies at play in wearables. Mobile application testing accordingly focuses on field testing, user focus, and looking at areas where hardware and software need to be tested in unison.


  • Introduction
  • Challenges for Mobile Application testing
  • Types of android application testing
    • Functional
    • Performance
    • Laboratory
    • Memory Leakage
    • Interrupt testing
    • Usability
    • Security
  • Various Tools for android application testing



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