Practical DevOps for Big Data Course

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7 hours
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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on practical devops for big data. You will learn the fundamentals of practical devops for big data and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.


This course is about a methodology for constructing big data applications. A methodology exists for the purpose of solving software development problems. It is made of development processes—workflows, ways of doing things—and tools to help concretise them. The ideal and guiding principle of a methodology is to facilitate the job and guarantee the satisfaction of stakeholders involved in a software project—end-users and maintainers included. 


  • Introduction
  • DevOps and Big Data Modelling
  • Modelling Abstractions
    • Introduction to Modelling
    • Platform-Independent Modelling
    • Technology-Specific Modelling
    • Deployment-Specific Modelling
  • Formal Quality Analysis
  • From Models to Production
  • From Production Back to Models
    • Monitoring
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Trace Checking
    • Iterative Enhancement

Course Category: DevOps

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