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Leaner Style Sheets (LESS) Training

Learning LESS



Less (Leaner Style Sheets; sometimes stylized as LESS) is a dynamic preprocessor style sheet language that can be compiled into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and run on the client-side or server-side. Designed by Alexis Sellier, Less is influenced by Sass and has influenced the newer "SCSS" syntax of Sass, which adapted its CSS-like block formatting syntax. Less is open-source. Its first version was written in Ruby; however, in the later versions, the use of Ruby has been deprecated and replaced by JavaScript. The indented syntax of Less is a nested metalanguage, as valid CSS is valid Less code with the same semantics. Less provides the following mechanisms: variables, nesting, mixins, operators, and functions; the main difference between Less and other CSS precompilers being that Less allows real-time compilation via less.js by the browser.


  • Features
    • Variables
    • Mixins
    • Functions and operations
  • Comparison
    • Sass
  • Use on sites
  • Less software

7 hours


Is learning Leaner Style Sheets (LESS) hard?

In the field of Leaner Style Sheets (LESS) learning from a live instructor-led and hand-on training courses would make a big difference as compared with watching a video learning materials. Participants must maintain focus and interact with the trainer for questions and concerns. In Qwikcourse, trainers and participants uses DaDesktop , a cloud desktop environment designed for instructors and students who wish to carry out interactive, hands-on training from distant physical locations.

Is Leaner Style Sheets (LESS) a good field?

For now, there are tremendous work opportunities for various IT fields. Most of the courses in Leaner Style Sheets (LESS) is a great source of IT learning with hands-on training and experience which could be a great contribution to your portfolio.

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